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“Ride Tronçais”

> Ride Tronçais

At the center of France, the forest of Tronçais.
Divided into four compact mass and surface 10583 hectares,
it is the heart of Bourbonnais farmland.
This is one of the finest European oak, Compound 73% of oaks,
8% of pedunculate oak, beech 9% and 2% charms.

Église Saint-Martin de Lurcy-Lévis

> The Romanesque church of Lurcy-Lévis

Saint Martin’s church, built in the twelfth century and the thirteenth century, rebuilt at various times, with a bedside clovers plans that otherwise constitutes a single whole, at least rare in France.
It is listed as a historic monument since 1937.

“Canoe Earth Allier”

> Canoe Earth Allier

Last wild river in Europe, embark on the Allier to discover canoe or kayak fauna and flora rich and varied!

“Thermal Spa de Bourbon l’Archambault”

> Thermal Spa de Bourbon l’Archambault

Spa Premium Package consists of 3 treatments:
– Hydromassage spa Ondée,
– Remineralizing bath hydromassage,
– Steam.
– 1 Ritual Perfect Back (45 min)
– Express Aromassage 1 (30 min)
The care pathway Spa Premium is done on a morning or afternoon.
It is recommended that 3 hours.

“La jumenterie de Lévis”

> La jumenterie de Lévis

The originality of the mares is to offer courses that meet the objectives of each and develop the rider / horse couple in his favorite discipline: dressage, jumping, endurance, treck, walk together, ethology.